No Foster Kid Should Have to Carry Their Belongings in Trash Bags, Group Says

"I remember carrying my trash bag from place to place ... I deserved better"

When children in foster care move from home to home, they often carry everything they own in garbage bags.

A nonprofit based in Rockville, Maryland, is trying to help.

Montgomery County will declare Tuesday "No More Trash Bags for Children Living in Foster Care Day." The local nonprofit Comfort Cases will be recognized for giving children across the country bags filled with essentials and "comfort items."

The organization's founder, Rob Scheer, said he wants to make sure no kid goes through what he went through when he was in foster care. 

"I remember carrying my trash bag from place to place," he said amid rows and rows of bright backpacks. "I deserved better."

Volunteers at Comfort Cases stuff the bags with blankets, shampoo, stuffed animals, books and more.

"It's sad that we're doing this, that we have to do this, but it really does feel good," volunteer Anne Manners said.

Go here to learn more about Comfort Cases.

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