No Class for More Than 400 Prince George's County Students Without Vaccinations

Hundreds of students who have not complied with new statewide vaccination requirements could be barred from class in Prince George's County Wednesday.

More than 400 students -- 155 kindergarteners and 259 seventh grade students -- were sent exclusion letters on Friday, warning them that they wouldn't be allowed to return to class without the vaccinations. Students were not in school Monday and Tuesday for teacher training and Election Day.

Kindergarteners in the state are required to get a second dose of the chickenpox vaccine, while students in the seventh grade must get the vaccination for Meningococcal and Tdap, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

Students who have not submitted a vaccination form will be given five lawful absences before truancy proceedings could begin. That could ultimately result in court action against the student's parents.

There are some exceptions. Students with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prevent them from getting vaccinated can apply for an exemption.

School officials say they've done everything to let parents know about the requirements and offered several opportunities for students to get vaccinated, including free immunization clinics on weeknights and weekends.

Parents will be called to pick up students who have not complied.

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