Cory Smith

New Service in DC Delivers Gas to Your Car While You Sleep

For those who think getting gas wastes precious time, there’s a new service in the District.

Filld allows drivers to avoid gas stations by bringing the gas to them.

“I can just get gas while I’m sleeping; the magical little fairy comes and puts gas in my tank,” customer Catalina McCarthy said.

Customers can sign up online by sharing details about their cars, pick the desired fuel, leave the gas cap open, and a driver will come and fill the tank up overnight.

The price is based on the average cost of gas at stations in the area with a service fee of $2-$4 depending on the number of cars.

McCarthy said it is much safer than going to a gas station late at night.

The service did concern some D.C. residents, but Filld says it has those concerns covered.

The truck is a standard pickup holding 400 gallons.

For safety, there is an emergency shut off switch.

There is also materials for cleaning up spills.

Filld CEO and President Michael Buhr said he’s banking his company’s success on its ability to save people time, but he also said he believes it is the future of fuelling.

“There is going to be a need for an infrastructure for other alternative fuelling needs,” he said. “That infrastructure doesn’t exist.”

Filld services all eight wards in the District and is looking to expand.

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