New Portable Speed Camera Locations for Montgomery County

Entire roadways to be monitored instead of specific sites.


Drivers in Montgomery County, beware: 18 new speed camera locations are on the way.

Montgomery County Police have announced a new "corridor" approach to the placing of cameras, which means entire roadways will now be monitored instead of specific sites. Portable speed cameras will be frequently moved to different spots on monitored roadways.  

Police said that under the current system, drivers have become familiar with camera locations and would slow down only on these portions of roadways.

Ten new portable speed cameras are being put into service in addition to the 10 current ones, plus 56 fixed-pole sites and six vans.

Montgomery County Police say the new designated roadways will be posted on their website, but they will no longer announce exact locations of the cameras at any given time. This new approach will go into effect this month.

The new speed enforcement locations are being determined following an assessment of current locations and community requests for more sites.

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