New Laws Take Effect in Virginia on July 1

New state laws going into effect Sunday will create a program for abducted adults, prohibit lunch shaming in schools and establish 14 new ABC laws.

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Virginia State Police
A new program that will create alerts for adults who are too old for Amber alerts but not old enough for Silver alerts will go into effect July 1. The program is unofficially named after Ashanti Billie, a Prince George's County, Maryland, woman who police say was kidnapped from a naval base in Virginia and later found dead in North Carolina.
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Fourteen new ABC-related laws will go into effect Sunday. Among them is a law that will increase the ABC general license application fee from $65 to $195 and the application fee for mixed beverage special event licenses from $15 to $45.
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Starting Sunday, it will be illegal to use a drone to "coerce, intimidate or harass another person." The Class 1 misdemeanor also covers those who use drones to follow someone without that person's permission.
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Students who meet certain criteria can substitute computer coding for any foreign language course credit to meet their high school graduation requirement.
Local schools must adopt policies that prohibit "lunch shaming" -- the practice of singling out students who owe the school cafeteria money or cannot pay for their lunch.
Local social service departments will be required to alert school if they have employed anyone who has ever been accused of child abuse or neglect.
If the spouse of an active-duty member of the military earned a valid teaching license out-of-state, they will be allowed to receive a teaching license in Virginia with no service requirement or licensing assessments.
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Dogs will be allowed in designated areas inside or on the premises of wineries, distilleries or breweries. But don't worry! Four-legged friends will not be able to enter any area were food is manufactured.
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