See New Laws That Took Effect in DC, Md. and Va. on Oct. 1

A number of new laws went into effect Monday in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Here's what you need to know.

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A new sales tax hike went into effect Monday in the District. The sales tax is increasing to 6 percent, a .25 percent increase from the current sales tax. Feminine hygiene products are exempt from the tax hike. The tax also slightly increases the cost of tickets to your favorite shows and events.
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A law banning bump stocks, which can increase a semi-automatic rifle's firing rate, took effect Monday in Maryland. Bump stocks were used in the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year that killed 58 people and wounded hundreds.
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As of Oct. 1, drivers in Maryland must change lanes when passing work trucks or face a possible fine. If it's impossible to switch lanes, drivers are required to slow down to a "reasonable" and "prudent" speed, the Maryland Department of Transportation said. Newly protected vehicles include waste and recycle trucks, service vehicles and utility vehicles.
The red flag law allows Maryland families and law enforcement to ask courts for an order to temporarily restrict firearms access to people found to be a risk to themselves or others. Some legislators say they will consider widening the scope of people who can seek court action after high-profile shootings in the state. The law, which took effect Monday, only allows police, medical professionals, close relatives or dating partners to seek a court order. Another law that took effect Monday in Maryland requires convicted domestic abusers to surrender guns to law enforcement or a firearms dealer. Domestic abusers already are prohibited from possessing guns, but because of a loophole they were not required to give up guns they already owned before conviction.
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As of Monday, all-terrain vehicles, mopeds and off-road vehicles in Virginia are subject to the motor vehicle sales and use tax but exempt from the retail sales and use tax.
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