New D.C. Apartment Comes With a Dog But None of the Responsibilities

Next time you're apartment hunting, you may want to add "communal dog" to your checklist.

In addition to sweeping views, updated appliances and all modern conveniences, one new D.C. apartment complex comes with an English bulldog for all residents to enjoy.

Doug Crawford, the manager of 2M, a building set to open Aug. 1 at the corner of North Capitol and M streets, is making it possible for busy residents to have a pet without all the work.

His 10-month-old pup, Emmy, will serve as the communal dog.

"People work endless amounts of hours, so it's rather difficult to get a puppy and care for them," he said.

Residents will be able to visit and interact with the dog seven days a week, but Crawford will take full care of Emmy.

"People sometimes don't have time to take care of a puppy like they'd like to," said Crawford. "I just thought it would be something extra that our residents can enjoy." 


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