New Allegations Against Gray Campaign

Mayor's campaign accused of using public housing records to win election

There are new allegations against DC Mayor Vincent Gray’s 2010 campaign.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, reported the campaign kept a database of public housing residents in the District and used that list to get voters for Gray. If true, that could break local and federal laws.

Voter turnout in the District was 26 percent higher on Election Day in 2010 than in the previous mayoral election. The spike is exceptionally high.

Gray claims he had no idea his 2010 campaign had the list of residents. He said he didn't need such a list given his long career in housing issues.

"I can go through and name you leaders in virtually every public housing development in the city, and I don't need a list to do it," he said. "

The Post also noted Gray's son Carlos Gray has a management job at the Department of Housing. Carlos Gray told The Post he had nothing to do with the housing list, and the mayor defended his son.

"I believe my son," he said. "I've been with my son all my life as you might imagine, and he's hard working, he's a young man of integrity, and he's very committed to the city."

The Housing Department announced Monday it would review the allegations in The Post, News4's Tom Sherwood reported.

The mayor is already facing pressure to resign, after a former aide admitted to helping run a “shadow campaign” to help get him elected. Gray has maintained he did nothing wrong and is vowing to stay in office.

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