Stafford Men Battle With Chainsaw and Baseball Bat

In a scene reminiscent of a Tom and Jerry cartoon, a man who tried to attack another man with a chainsaw was whacked in the head with a bat, and got arrested by police.

According to, the incident happened late Monday night in Springfield, in Stafford County.

Sheriff Maj. David Decatur says Douglas Edward Turner went banging on the "victim's" door just before midnight demanding that he come outside. When the man opened his door, Turner came at him with a chainsaw.  Turner cut up a handrail but did not injure the victim, who ran back inside and locked the door.

Police say Turner gained access to the house, chainsaw still spinning, prompting the other man to call police.

While waiting , authorities said the victim grabbed a baseball bat and whacked Turner over the head, and then in the stomach. Turner then got into his truck and fled the scene, just before police arrived.

Police found him a short time later. He is now charged with two counts of attempted malicious wounding, breaking and entering and destruction of property. Police say the whole argument appears to be over a woman.

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