Negotiations Fail for Raising Md. Film Tax Credit

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Maryland's General Assembly has run out of time to increase the yearly limit on tax credits designed to attract film projects and TV series.

The company that owns the series "House of Cards'' has threatened to move operations out of state if they don't receive $15 million next season. Actor Kevin Spacey even visited Annapolis last month, urging legislators to approve the bill.

A budget committee reached a last-minute deal last week to put $18.5 million in the tax credit fund next year, leaving cash for other projects. The bill with provisions had until midnight to pass.

But $11 million depended on a bill that failed to pass both chambers Monday due to differences between the House and Senate versions. According to The Washington Post, the House wanted to penalize production companies that film a season or two in Maryland and leave to film elsewhere, but the Senate didn't agree with those conditions. 

Next year's fund will include $15 million, and it's unclear how that money will be divvied up or whether it's enough to make "House of Cards" stay. 

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