Photos: NBC4 and Telemundo 44 Celebrate Moms

NBC4 and Telemundo 44 anchors, reporters and meteorologists share photos and memories of their mothers.

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The photo on the left is of Doreen on her wedding day in 1986 posing with her mother. On the right, Doreen is carrying her daughter, Carson, in a backpack in 1996. Carson is set to graduate from college on this Mother’s Day.
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This is a photo from Erika's wedding in 2015. She says, "I lack the words to describe all she means to me, but I adore her. She’s more than my mother, she’s my best friend."
David says, "I've been blessed with having been able to introduce our community to her - and to my grandmother - when we 'Rediscovered' Cuba in 2015. The journey back to their homeland was an experience I'll forever cherish. While her blood is Cuban, my mom's roots are in Northern Virginia. She's raised her four children to appreciate every moment as a gift. She's also been my most honest critic. When she's not showering her eight grandchildren with love and attention, and finds the time to watch one of my reports, she'll bluntly point out what I could be doing better, adding 'take it as criticism or take it as advice!' I've adopted that as a life perspective and I've realized there's nothing like a Cuban mother!"
Molette poses with her girls Rickie Simone, 12, and Rylie Loren, 10, right after Sunday services at their church.
Aimee says her mother, Ada, lives in Great Falls, Virginia, and is an avid NBC4 viewer.
Tracee shares a sweet moment with her mother. "One of my favorite places to be," she said. "Missing my mom and best friend on Mother's Day."
"This Mother's Day will be my most special so far," Melissa says. "This Mother's Day I'll celebrate by kissing three kiddos. This Mother's Day (I think!) our family is complete. These children are my heart and when I look into their eyes, everything else just fades away." Melissa says her mom, Linda, is her best friend and has been teaching in Montgomery County for 43 years.
The Telemundo 44 news anchor says about her mother, "She is a seamstress by profession. As a child she made my clothes and now she fixes my dresses for TV. My mom has taught me to do things as well as possible, to work hard and she always has time to listen to me. I also think that she cooks the best red enchiladas. I have a sister and two brothers. I am the oldest. Now my mother is a wonderful grandmother to my three nieces and a nephew. If I have learned something, it is to be persistent in life. She is a breast cancer survivor."
"My mom is the kindness, most selfless and caring person I know," Eun says. "She has amazing inner strength and an unshakable faith. I'm so very grateful to have her in my life. "
"She's now a converted D.C. sports fan and watches our newscasts online every night," Sherree says.
News4 reporter Shomari Stone says his mother sacrificed to pay for his education. "She taught me the value of hard work and determination, and she exposed me to the world," he says. "Thank you, Mom."
The Telemundo 44 reporter says her mom is her No. 1 fan. She says her mom "has always helped and supported me to achieve my goals, but I am also very lucky because my aunts have served as second mothers during my life. I am fortunate to have so many special women around me."
Julie and her 88-year-old mom enjoying a sunny day in a field of flowers.
Jodie and her mom, then and now. She says they try to take a mother-daughter trip every year, like the time they went to Hawaii.
The Telemundo 44 reporter shares this memory: "Once we were at the airport in Thailand and she had bought a big 'elephant' that’s like a God, so when customs saw it they began saying 'Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,' and security came because of all the antique trafficking. Everything went fine, but looking back we laughed a lot because we had like seven Thai officers yelling 'Buddha' and my mom's intention was to make it a lamp, which now is in her room."
"She is my example to follow," the Telemundo 44 sports reporter says. "She has been a mother and father to me, and that is the reason why I keep fighting to achieve goals in life."
Storm Team4 Meteorologist Somara Theodore shared this family photo. Here she's held by her mother and father, with her grandmother and grandfather accompanying them in 1991 in California. Somara says her mother is amazing because she made it her goal to create a safe environment where she and her sister were allowed to cultivate their dreams and always stressed the importance of compassion and education!
The Telemundo 44 reporter and her mother pose at Karla's college graduation. She shares this memory: "My mom used to go into my closet when I was a teen and she would wear my clothes without asking. I used to get so angry at her. Now, I am the one going into her closet to borrow clothes that usually never make it back to her house, but she still loves me, though!"
The Telemundo 44 anchor says, "My mother has always been my best friend, in good times and in bad times. She's my greatest blessing."
The Telemundo 44 meteorologist says his mother lives in Puerto Rico and he's an only child.
"It’s amazing when your mom can also be one of your best friends," says News4 reporter Adam Tuss. "I’ve been blessed with a special blend of mom, grandmother, supporter, travel partner, survivor and friend. I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!"
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