Washington Navy Yard Police Union: Lax Security Cost Lives

Union head: 11 officers should have been on duty; only 6 were

The head of the union representing civilian police who help protect the Navy Yard says security there has gotten lax and cost people their lives Monday.

Two members of Navy Yard Civilian Police were present when 34-year-old Aaron Alexis shot a security officer, according to Anthony Meely, of FOP Navy Yard Civilian Police. He said members of his unit were the first to engage Alexis, but they could have done much more.

Meely said there should have been 11 officers on duty Monday morning, but there were only six. He believes the lives of that security officer and others would have been saved if they were properly staffed.

A Navy spokesman said the Navy family is focusing on healing and transition and will address security questions at another time.

Twelve people were killed in the shootings and eight others wounded. Police shot and killed Alexis.


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