Photos: Nats Fans Show Their Pride and Share Their Stories

Nats fans showed up and showed out for the watch parties at Nationals Park. These diehard supporters shared their best baseball stories and memories with News4 during the Game 2 watch party.

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Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I've been a season ticket holder for five years, but I've been a fan since the Nats came to D.C. n I used to go to the Senators game down in Griffith Stadium, way back. My dad used to take me down to the games on the street car." — Vyron Johnson n
(Pictured, L-R: Vyron Johnson and Lily Morrison)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"My father (Salty) used to bring me to the Senators games at RFK before they left, so I've been a lifelong fan. I'm so glad he's here to experience this. He and I have had a love for baseball for a very long time. When the team left, there was a hole in us. Even though we could enjoy baseball in Baltimore, it wasn't our team. Now we're here, they're ours and we're in the World Series." — Ted Peters n
(Pictured, L-R: "Salty" Peters and Ted Peters)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"She loves baseball. We play wiffle ball in the backyard. When she was five, a friend of mine and I took our daughters down for their first game! Ever since then we’ve come to at least a few games a year." — Harris Povichn
(Pictured, L-R: Harris Povich and Stephanie Povich)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"We grew up around the corner from each other so we're like family. We come to opening day every year. Our families are Nats fans. And we even take our fathers here for Fathers' Day." — Monet Wilson n
(Pictured, L-R: Monet Wilson and Richard Bowling)n
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"After years of feeling like they were going to do something and it not happening, it feels like sweet redemption to have the Nats in the World Series." — Phil n
(Pictured, L-R: Mark, Rebecca and Phil)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"My favorite moment was when Kurt Suzuki hit that home run at the bottom of the ninth." — Alex Wilson n
(Pictured, L-R: Willy Cason and Alex Wilson)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I've been a fan since 1962. My father brought me to see the Senators when I was seven years old. I was at the first game when they went to the park. My father went to the World Series back in 1933 but they didn't win that one. He's watching. He'd say that's my gal; she's watching the game for me." — Martha
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"Celebrating D.C. pride with D.C. natives, born and raised. There's not many of us out here, but it's nice to see us non-bandwagon fans come here and cheer them on. There's just an energy in the city; you gotta love it." — Cedo n
(Pictured, L-R: Cedo and Kelly)n
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"My father got me into baseball a long time ago. Then I moved to the Washington, D.C. area and I was in the military. They didn't have a baseball team and I refused to drive to Baltimore to see the Orioles. So I was so happy when they brought a team to Washington, D.C., and I've been a fan ever since. My dad would really love that the team I support is now in the World Series." — Helen Gilbert
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"We've been living here since 1982, and we've been Nats fans since they came from Canada, back when they played at RFK. I feel so excited because everyone thought they weren't going to make it. We're going to have a great time with the family." — Familia Meneses
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I'm actually in two plans. I'm a season plan holder and I'm also in with seven other firemen. So that's like 50 games a season. I'm a huge fan. My grandfather took me to a Senators game back in the early 1970s, and I've been sold ever since. My grandfather would be ecstatic to see the Nats in the World Series." —Robert Washington n
"We're not from here, so when we first started dating, he claimed the Oklahoma Sooners and I claimed the Green Bay Packers. But we decided to unify in our relationship by choosing the Nationals together. Now it's the Sooners on Saturday, Packers on Sunday and Nats from April to November." — Noelle Smentn
(Pictured, L-R: Noelle Sment and Robert Washington)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"Juan Soto, the Dominican who emerged from the minor leagues, he was just debuted for the major team and is now succeeding. He's my inspiration." — Eddy Hernández
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"Last year my son and I went to the Home Run Derby. Usually we leave early for games, but this time we stayed to the end and saw them hit a last dramatic home run to win that competition. And it was a good competition the whole way through." — Eddie Valencia n
(Pictured, L-R: Eddie Valencia and John Valencia)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I've been a Nats fan since they came to town, and I was here at the game they won last Tuesday. I felt elation. There were tears of joy and my voice was hoarse the next day because I'd been screaming so loud throughout the entire game. It was fabulous." — Diane Hurley (and Olivia)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I grew up in Alexandria as an Orioles fan, and now that we live close to here we've become Nats fans. Now with the World Series, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity." — Derek Bandera n
(Pictured, L-R: Taylor Bandera, Derek Bandera and Lucia Bandera)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I grew up watching the Nats, and I never thought we'd get this far. It's my city, so I love the vibe. My favorite sport was football, but I was frustrated with being a Redskins fan, so this is a big relief." — Danny
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"I've been a been a big Nats fan since 2005. I got this costume from my cousin a couple years ago on Christmas. I went to the dry cleaners and got the fins on the feet taken off so I could walk in it. I added elastic shoulder straps to wear it and I put arm holes in, so now I'm Baby Shark. I get good vibes from everyone wearing this. It's a phenomenon this season. My favorite Nats memory is when I met a girl at a game earlier this season in the $5 ticket line. She got her ticket and I got mine, and then we ended up sitting next to each other. We've gone to like 10 games since. We've had fun going to games even though we didn't win many of them." — Connor O'Keefe
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"This is a new tradition for us. She just started softball this year, so she's really getting into it. And I'm a huge baseball fan, so I'm bringing her down to as many games as I can." — Christie n
(Pictured, L-R: Zoe and Christie)
Omar Garcia/WZDC-TV
"If I could say anything to Bryce Harper, it'd be, 'Sorry dude, you missed out. Should’ve stuck around for one more year.'" — Brice Leighton n
(Picture, L-R: Jim Cathman and Brice Leighton)
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