National Zoo's Panda Cub Weighs Close to 2 Pounds

The National Zoo's tiny newborn panda cub isn't quite as tiny these days. He's getting close to two pounds, and has been spotted scooting around the den.

Twin cubs were born Aug. 22 to the zoo's female giant panda, Mei Xiang, but the smaller of the two died four days later. Keepers have said the surviving cub appears healthy -- and he's growing fast.

The little guy weighed only about four ounces at birth, but on Monday, he tipped the scales at a hefty(ish) 1.9 pounds.

While giant panda cubs are born tiny, pink and hairless, the cub's black markings began to appear about a week after birth. He's been growing more fur recently, and keepers said his eye slits have formed. Cubs' eyes usually will open at six to eight weeks of age, the zoo said.

There are also some family traits floating around, the zoo said. Keepers have noticed the cub sleeping with a paw over his eyes, just like dad Tian Tian and big sister Bao Bao sometimes do. The zoo also said that the cub's saddle (back) markings resemble those of his dad's.

The cub is still without a name, and will continue to be for the next couple of months. Panda cubs are traditionally named at 100 days of age. The cub will turn 100 days old on Nov. 30.

The zoo has not commented on a possible naming event for the cub, but Bao Bao's name was revealed during a ceremony at the zoo in 2013. The public was able to vote on several choices leading up to the event.

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