Lesser Kudu Born at National Zoo

Washington is losing Bei Bei soon, but gaining a new fuzzy friend.

A lesser kudu named Rogue gave birth to a healthy male calf at the Smithsonian's National Zoo on Oct. 14.

The calf has already grown from about 13 pounds to about 19 pounds and is doing well, the zoo said in a release.

He is resting with his mother in a behind-the-scenes enclosure until he makes his debut later this fall, weather permitting, according to the zoo.

While the two bond, the calf's father, Garrett, and 10-month-old brother, Kushukuru, remain on display in the Cheetah Conservation Station.

"Keepers describe the calf as bold and alert, and they are looking forward to watching the young brothers explore the habitat, chase one another and spar with each other and their father," the zoo said in the release.

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