National Zoo's Critters Welcome Fall With Pumpkins, Treats

A handful of critters from the Smithsonian's National Zoo celebrated the return of fall and Halloween with carved pumpkins and delicious snacks.

6 photos
Bei Bei the giant panda rolls around a log sprinkled with pumpkin spice.
The National Zoo's two fishing cats, Lek and Juniper, enjoyed a fishy bite by using their "specially adapted" claws to hook and snag their prey. What better way to celebrate the fall season than a seafood spread?
Smithsonian National Zoo
Nope, that's not an ostrich! This ring-tailed lemur is enjoying a peek into the abyss and using its tail as a flag. If you have the time to count, you'll notice 13 alternating plumes of hair on its tail.
Smithsonian National Zoo
It's Bonnie the orangutan! Here she's pictured enjoying toasted pumpkins seeds inside of a carved pumpkin. The National Zoo says she used her "foraging skills" to get the seeds out.
Don't worry, this eastern kingsnake isn't venomous, but it is immune to the venom from the snakes it likes to snack on.
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