National Zoo Says Trade War Shouldn't Leave DC Panda-less

Don't worry: The U.S. trade dispute with China won't bamboozle you out of your panda-viewing needs.

Officials at the National Zoo told the Washington Post that the trade war with China should not interfere with getting new pandas in the future.

Bei Bei, a giant panda born at the National Zoo, turned four on Aug. 22 and will be sent back to a breeding program in China based on a prior agreement.

The zoo's lease on Bei Bei's parents, longtime residents Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, is set to expire next year.

A spokesperson from the zoo told the Washington Post they have not started negotiations for more pandas but are confident the nation's capital will not be left panda-less.

The spokesperson said that agreements are based on scientific efforts and that researchers in China and the U.S. get along well.

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