National Cathedral Green Paint Vandalism Suspect to Undergo Additional Mental Examination

The woman accused of splattering green paint at the National Cathedral will undergo further mental examinations, a judge ordered Tuesday.

Jiamei Tian was charged in July with defacing the National Cathedral and is suspected in similar acts of vandalism at other sites, including the Lincoln Memorial.

The judge also scheduled a mental observation hearing for Jan. 8, 2014.

Several months ago, a judge ruled Tian incompetent to stand trial, but court records show that a psychologist found it's likely Tian will be competent to stand trial in the "foreseeable future."

After her arrest at the cathedral in late July, a judge ordered Tian released to a halfway house. The judge ordered she wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and barred her from leaving the halfway house or having visitors. But out of concern for her mental state, she was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Washington Hospital.

Tian has a Chinese passport. She had been traveling in Washington on a tourist visa that expired July 27.


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