NAACP Chapter at George Washington University Responds to Racist Snapchat Photo

The NAACP chapter at George Washington University issued a list of demands and recommendations in response to a racist photo posted on Snapchat by members of a sorority.

The photo showed two Alpha Phi sorority members, and one is holding up a banana peel with the caption: “[Name]: ‘I’m 1/16 black.'” The sorority chapter apologized for the photo and kicked out three members.

A statement from the NAACP chapter said they condemn the racism on campus, pointing out the photo was not the first racial incident this year. They challenged the university to take a stand against hate speech and show students the behavior is not acceptable.

“Silent racism, racisms masked as comedy, and all racism on campus must come to an end,” the statement read.

Stating it would take more than apologies and dialog, the NAACP chapter sent the university a list of demands and recommendations.

  • Mandatory in person diversity training for all incoming students
  • Mandatory diversity training for professors and department chairs
  • Anonymous site for reporting racial incidents with all campus faculty (including professors, CSE staff, etc.) with active monitoring for student safety

Their recommendations included:

  1. More diverse leadership within the George Washington University administration
  2. The formation of a student diversity council with the leaders of multicultural organizations on campus. Having monthly meetings with the university president, provost and vice provost.
  3. Better training for those in housing leadership positions, including, but not limited to RAs, RDs, RHA leadership, and more
  4. An additional rehabilitation program for students who violate or disrespect fellow students with racist remarks on campus after investigations
  5. The creation of a Student Judicial Committee with multicultural leaders on campus to deal with racially charged situations.

GWNAAPC said African-Americans account for 6 percent of the university’s population.


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Lindsay Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the university, said, “University administrators have heard directly from the GW NAACP chapter about their recommendations and will be continuing to work with them and others on campus about race, diversity and inclusion at GW.”

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