Mysterious, Unofficial Speed Limit Signs Claim 15 mph Work Area

Police are not enforcing 15 mph speed limit

Speed limit signs are causing confusion along a busy road in Montgomery County.

A sign posted on Wisconsin Avenue reads 15 mph for a work area, threatening a double fine. The next sign posted between Chevy Chase and Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda shows the usual 35 mph.

A speed camera in the area takes pictures and issues tickets, but police said they are not enforcing a 15 mph limit. Montgomery County Police Capt. Thomas Didone said the work area signs aren't official.

"The camera is set for 35 miles an hour, issuing tickets at 47 miles an hour," Didone said.

They were not posted by the Maryland Highway Administration. Chevy Chase Village Police said they didn't put up the signs, either.

"It's definitely not a county sign," Didone said.

Crews installing gas services to homes on streets along Wisconsin Avenue told News4 the 15 mph signs make them feel safer.

"It could have been put up by the construction company doing the work," Didone said.

The pipeline company doing the work did not respond to News4's messages about the signs.

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