Multiple Car Windows Smashed in Northwest D.C.

Residents on Fessenden Street in Northwest D.C. woke up Thursday to piles of broken glass in the street Thurdsday morning, where block after block saw car windows smashed out by vandals.

"Not really what I wanted to wake up to..." victim Emily Tarashi told News4's Mark Segraves.

Some victims had two cars hit; others had two windows in the same car hit. One victim with two smashed windows said the repair bill is $877.

The damaged cars stretched at least three blocks.

Seven people have contacted police to report having their car windows broken. Others haven't even realized they're victims yet, with a police officer's calling card and broken windows still waiting for them.

"Obviously somebody went up and down the street randomly just smashing windows out," said another victim.

All of the affected cars were parked on the same side of the street, indicating that the vandals' car traveled down Fessenden Street from Western Avenue, and someone in the passenger seat of that car smashed the windows as another person drove.

"I wasn't the only one, so it wasn't like they were going after my car," Tarashi said. "They just wanted to vandalize whatever they could."

Neighbors told News4 that it's happened before.

"This happened a couple of weeks ago a few blocks over, and I verified that with the investigating officer," said victim Phil Schaffer.

Police don't have any suspects or motive, and they're not sure what the vandal or vandals used to break the windows.

"Nobody heard anything, which is strange," said Schaffer. "Our bedroom is right there."

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