Mrs. DC Contestant Creates Patriotic Pageant Dress

One contestant in the Mrs. DC America Pageant 2016 took the stage with a breathtaking dress that featured the history of the District. Katya Avdeev, Mrs. Downtown DC, wowed the audience with a dress that fanned out to feature the White House and U.S. presidents.

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Lee Truong/Benjamin Huynh
Katya Avdeev, Mrs. Downtown DC, competed in the Mrs. DC America pageant Sunday.
Lee Truong/Benjamin Huynh
According to her Facebook page, Avdeev says she came to the United States 12 years ago from Belarus, a country in eastern Europe.
Lee Truong/Benjamin Huynh
She now works as a fashion designer.
Lee Truong/Benjamin Huynh
Avdeev didn't win the crown, but she did win the Fitness Award Sunday.
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