Mount Rainier Police Investigated Over Parking Enforcement: Source

The Mount Rainier Police Department is closed while the chief and several officers are under investigation.

A source said they are under investigation for allegedly throwing out some parking tickets and lowering enforcement fees for some but not others.

Izabella Sparrow of Glut Food Co-op said she noticed the absence of Mount Rainier police a couple of weeks ago.

“Two police officers that drove past,” she said. “One of them was Prince George’s. I think the other one might have been Cottage City.”

At the Mount Rainier Police Department office, the doors are locked.

The city council released a statement Monday saying, in part, “About two weeks ago, Mount Rainier’s mayor and council became aware of information that, after consulting with legal counsel, required all five of the council members to unanimously vote to place seven members of the Mount Rainier Police Department on paid administrative leave.”

The city and the state’s attorney are investigating.


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“For me, investigations are good if there is probable cause,” Sparrow said. “I wouldn’t know if it’s probable, but it sounds serious because it sound like it’s a good number of people that are, I mean, it’s affected us quite a bit.”

Council members said there is no reason to believe residents’ safety will be affected.

While the office is closed, tickets should be paid online or by mail.

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