”We Had a Guardian Angel”: Kids OK After Motorcycle Parts Fly Through School Window

Parts of a motorcycle tore through a window of a Virginia church school  on Tuesday, sending glass and debris flying into a room full of young children.

About 10 children age 2 to 5 were in a classroom inside Saint Clement Episcopal School in Alexandria when a motorcycle and car crashed outside, police and the Rev. John Hortum said.

The motorcycle and rider flew into the air. The rider slammed to the ground outside the church and the parts of the motorcycle flew through the classroom window, Hortum said.

"His machine came right through the window, the majority of it, right over the heads of little children and their teacher," Hortum said.

Four children were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries as a precaution. Parishioner Linda Oliver said she was amazed the children and teacher were mostly unscathed.

"I just think we had a guardian angel," she said.

The motorcycle rider was critically injured, police said.

The reverend said he was praying for the rider and thankful no one else was hurt.

"It's a gift for all of us to breathe and say we have another day," he said.

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