MPAA Exec Arrested in DC on Sex Abuse, Blackmail Charges

A Georgetown University law graduate and high-level executive for the Motion Picture Association of America was arrested in D.C. on charges that he sexually abused and blackmailed a woman he met online.

The woman told police she met 56-year-old Steven Fabrizio through a dating website that connects wealthy people "with attractive individuals seeking to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle," according to court documents.

On Aug. 19, Fabrizio came to her apartment in Cathedral Heights, where they had a consensual sexual encounter, the documents say. She said Fabrizio gave her $400 before leaving.

The woman told police the encounter was "scary" and she decided she couldn't do it again. But when she texted Fabrizio the next day that she did not want to see him again, he allegedly responded with threats.

"Baby. Don't be like that. I know where you live. I know where you work. ... Say yes and I'll delete our sexy texts and your pictures," Fabrizio texted her, according to documents.

She agreed to let him come over for one more sexual encounter if he promised to delete the photos. But almost immediately after their second meeting, court documents say he continued to demand she meet him again.

The woman called 911 and police began investigating. On Friday, police were at her home when Fabrizio showed up for what he thought was another encounter with the victim.

D.C. police arrested Fabrizio and charged him with second-degree sexual abuse and blackmail.

Fabrizio was fired from his position as general counsel for MPAA following the arrest.

The MPAA is the D.C.-based lobbying firm for major film studios, including, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Netflix Studios, LLC, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Universal City Studios LLC, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

"These charges, if true, are both shocking and intolerable to the Association. We had no prior knowledge of this behavior before these charges were publicly filed," MPAA said in a statement.

Before his arrest, detectives discovered Fabrizio was arrested in D.C. for sexual solicitation in 2010, according to documents.

Fabrizio is due back in court on Sept. 13.

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