Morning Read: Virginia Gun Show Posts Big Sales

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The Nation’s Gun Show at Dulles Expo Center, which concluded Sunday, posted record sales.

There are no official numbers in, but reports from the Washington Times and Washington Examiner suggest that the show had bigger than usual crowds and vendors rapidly sold out of their products.

Some said the reason for those sales was that, in the wake of Sandy Hook and the subsequent gun-control debate, many are stocking up on weapons in fear that they won’t be on the market for much longer.

The first items to sell out were semi-automatic rifles and 30-round magazines. And because of demand, prices for many weapons were double than what they normally are, with some $1,500 rifles selling for $3,000, according to the Examiner. 

Virginia may be electing more Democratic officials, but it is still a very pro-gun state. Back in August—in the wake of the Aurora shooting—a Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News poll found about half of all voters in the state own a gun. Fifty-two percent of voters in the state favored a nationwide ban on the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines.

In the last legislative session, Virginia moved to loosen the restrictions on gun ownership and repealed the state's 20 year ban on purchasing more than one handgun per-month.


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