Morning Read: Maryland House Finally Taking Up O’Malley’s Gun Control Legislation Again

Maryland State of the State

Two Maryland house committees are expected to meet Friday in a rare joint committee meeting to vote on amendments to Gov. O’Malley’s sweeping gun control legislation.

The legislation already passed the Senate and was the subject of much debate in the House. But the House Judiciary Committee wrestled with whether to weaken O’Malley’s proposed assault weapons ban and hasn’t taken any action on the high-profile package of bills since March 1, according to the Washington Post.

With only a week left of the session and Newton back in the news, the House seems poised to vote, although it is unclear what amendments they will pass.

The Washington Post has a helpful piece laying out 5 important questions about the gun-control legislation.


* Someone used Marion Barry’s twitter account to call the National Park Service "MOFOs" for their ongoing deer hunt in Rock Creek Park. He then apologized and said he didn’t personally send the tweet. (Washington Post)

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 * A new poll found that a majority of Virginians believe the names of people who own concealed weapons should not be made public. (Washington Times)

* In case you care, Chief Justice John Roberts was hit with credit card fraud so he’s been running around the District using cash and explaining why the sudden use of paper money. (Huffington Post)

* A Maryland Senate panel passed a constitutional amendment Thursday that would put a lockbox on the Transportation Trust Fund, making it much harder to use transportation money for anything else. (Washington Examiner)

* Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will headline the Virginia GOP dinner in Richmond on May 17th. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

* Virginia Sen. Mark Warner will seek re-election in 2014. (AP)

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