More Tolls Headed to Northern Virginia?

Fairfax County leader considers tolls to generate transportation money

There’s no question: commuting can be complicated in northern Virginia.

Now, one Fairfax County leader is proposing a way to get traffic moving.

According to the Washington Post, Fairfax County Supervisor John C. Cook (R) is considering adding more toll roads. The goal is to generate money from public-private partnerships. Local jurisdictions, like Fairfax County, must create guidelines that comply with Virginia’s 1995 Public-Private Transportation Act before any plan can move forward.

One idea presented includes adding a limited-access road that would run from Virginia into Maryland. Critics of adding toll lanes immediately jumped on that suggestion. The Not Larry Sabato blog summed it up like so: "Sometimes ideas haven't been tried because they are bad ones."

A commentor on the blog said creating a road that crosses the Potomac River so easily could take airport passengers away from BWI-Marshall International Airport and directly re-route them to Dulles International Airport, and that Maryland officials may not agree to it.

According to the Washington Post, Fairfax’s Board of Transportation Committee will make a presentation on possible tolls at its next meeting. That date has not been set but could happen this fall.

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