‘More Than Peach': Virginia Girl Makes Art Kits With ‘Skin-Colored' Crayon Options

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Bellen Woodard was in third grade when she came home with a question.

"My friends, they always called the peach crayon the skin-colored crayon," she recalled. Why? She handed over the crayon but it made her feel "weird."

Her mom suggested that next time she hand over the brown crayon, "because our skin color's brown."

Bellen had another idea.

"I said, 'No, I'm going to ask them which one they want because it could be a number of different colors,'" she said.

Now 9 years old and in fourth grade, Bellen, of Leesburg, Virginia, gives other kids art kits that include crayons and markers to draw many shades of skin.

"Because then everyone will know that there's more than one skin color and not just the peach crayon," she explained.

Bellen Woodard took a break from coloring to talk about the More Than Peach Project.

The goal of the More Than Peach Project is to put multicultural art kits in every elementary school in Loudoun County.

So far, Crayola has donated some supplies and Bellen has paid for some herself. She has done some modeling, including for Target's children's clothes.

Her mother, Tosha Woodard, said she's "super proud" of her and that she hopes her daughter will inspire other kids.

Crayola began selling Multicultural Crayons in 1992 "in response to feedback received from consumers and educators," the company's website says. A 10-pack of Multicultural Broad Line Markers includes the colors golden beige, tawny, beige, bronze, mahogany, tan, sienna, terracotta, apricot and sepia.

Bellen said that when she grows up, she wants to be an actor, scientist or astronaut.

Go here to learn more about the More Than Peach Project.

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