More Images of Gansler at Beach Week Party Surface

Gubernatorial candidate suggests opponent leaked images to media

More images have surfaced of Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler at a high school "Beach Week" party, but the gubernatorial candidate said it is time to move on from that controversy.

Last week, the Baltimore Sun published an Instagram photo of Ganlser in the middle of the party, surrounded by scantily clad teenagers. Gansler's son was one of the recent high school graduates who attended the South Bethany, Del., bash following high school graduation.

After the image surfaced, Gansler publicly downplayed his presence at the party, saying he was only there to speak to his son who was DJ-ing the party. Gansler has faced criticism for not stopping the party, or asking the teens if they were drinking.

"Perhaps I should have assumed there was drinking going on, and I got that wrong," Gansler said. "There could be Kool-Aid in the red cups, but there's probably beer in the red cups."

In the newly-released Instagram video, Gansler is shown briskly walking through the second floor of the home, not speaking to any of the party-goers. The video then cuts to the first floor of the home, with dozens of teens partying and dancing.

Gansler again suggested his main opponent for the Democratic nomination is responsible. Asked whether he believes Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown had nothing to do with the pictures and video getting to the media, Gansler said, "If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you."

"Doug Gansler is responsible for his own behavior, and we had nothing to do with his behavior being uncovered by the media," said Brown's campaign manager, Justin Schall.


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