Beer Bust: Another Employee Fired for Stealing Alcohol

Another employee has been fired for stealing from the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control.

That’s according to DLC Director George Griffin, who made the revelation during a discussion about the News 4 I-Team’s investigation into his agency during a county hearing focusing on the department’s future.

The Montgomery County Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Liquor Control held its second meeting March 6. Councilman Hans Riemer created the committee after our Beer Bust investigation, which exposed problems with internal theft and employees drinking on the job.

Griffin said he fired the employee for stealing alcohol and is pursuing legal action against the worker.

Councilmembers also heard results of an inspector general report citing problems with tracking alcohol deliveries and security inside the warehouse.

Griffin told the committee he's made changes since the I-Team reports, including installing 12 new security cameras, which helped identify the worker now fired for stealing and selling liquor.

News 4 previously confirmed at least four delivery men were fired and another quit after our undercover investigation.

At-Large Councilman George Leventhal told the I-Team, "The strong message was conveyed that there will be severe consequences to any employee who is engaged in corrupt activities and that's the message we need to send. We won't tolerate it."

The committee also announced plans to create a special working group to explore the best model for running DLC in the future.

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