More Corruption Probed Within Pr. George's Co. Police

It seems the three Prince George's County officers named in a federal corruption probe are just the tip of the iceberg.

According to police officials and internal records, at least 46 officers are either currently suspended or assigned to administrative duties because of violations or misconducts.

The Washington Post reported that dozens of officers are accused of crimes ranging from driving while intoxicated to assault and drug possession.

Investigators believe at least 19 of these officers committed a crime, and at least 10 of the suspended officers have also been charged in court.

At least nine of the officers are suspected of sexual assault and theft, and at least seven officers are in trouble because of an allegation of excessive use of force.

Police Chief Robert Hylton said there are grumblings within the department because of the recent crackdown on officer behavior, but he said, "I'm not backing down from this whatsoever."

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