Montgomery County School Cracks Down on Students Ordering Lunch to Campus

It seems some students at a high school in Montgomery County, Maryland, would much rather eat delivery pizza than what’s served in the cafeteria or packed away in their lunchboxes.

Albert Einstein High School in Kensington has seen a recent influx of students getting lunch delivered to campus.

School administrators said they are taking extra steps to discourage students from ordering fast food to the school grounds because it creates a serious safety issue. Drivers can easily drive or walk onto the campus, and sometimes go into the building.

“What we’re finding is that it’s a logistical nightmare for both the students and for the school,” said Derek Turner, spokesperson for Montgomery County Public Schools.

The rise of apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash means a delivered lunch is just a few taps away. Many delivery services can even be scheduled, making it even easier for students to get their food when they want it.

Earlier in April, Albert Einstein High School administrators released a statement to students and parents saying they would place a security guard at checkpoints around the campus to prevent traffic from coming onto the school grounds during lunch periods. The security guards check every car coming in and out of the school during those times.

“We have not experienced any threats or issues. We just would like better knowledge and control as to who is entering the property. Once the weather changes more kids will be outside at lunch and we want to discourage visitors,” the statement said.

Sandi Marsdan, an elementary school employee, agreed with the decision.

“It’s always on the back of your mind, like who are these people coming in the front door?” Marsdan said.

The statement from the school also said students who have their lunches delivered may feel inclined to eat whenever they choose instead of during assigned lunch times, or that the student may not be able to pay for the food once it arrives. The school hopes these new traffic stop policies will prevent any future problems from arising.

“This is really about a disruption to our learning environment when we have drivers trying to get in and get paid and we have students late to class,” Turner said.

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