Mom Writes About ‘Distracted Living' After Close Call With Daughter

A Connecticut mom’s blog post on how an email almost killed her daughter has gone viral and is striking a chord with parents everywhere.

Jennifer Meer wrote on her blog, My Jenn-eration, about placing her 4-year-old daughter in the bath and hearing the ping of her iPad. She went to check the email and returned to the tub two minutes later to see her daughter slumped over.

"I screamed. I slapped her face. She didn't wake up. But she seemed to be breathing and was otherwise all right, just asleep," Meer wrote.

Her daughter was okay, but it traumatized her. She penned a post about the incident to spark a national conversation about our compulsion to multitask.

"Becoming a parent during the rapid rise of the era of tablets and smartphones, I have lost the ability to be present and do one thing at a time. It scares me," she wrote. "And on this night, my inability to focus could have cost me everything."

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