Fairfax County

Missing Alexandria Man Found Thanks to Social Media

A husband and father who disappeared in Alexandria, Virginia, Monday morning has been found thanks to a woman says she recognized his picture from social media.

Walter “George” Winstead, 49, was last seen in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria early Monday morning, Fairfax County police said. He was reported missing Tuesday and his car was found abandoned in the Rose Hill Shopping Center, about 5 miles away.

Dozens of people put up posters and knocked on doors Wednesday in the hopes of finding Winstead.

Winstead's wife, Reba Winstead, told News4 he suffers from depression.

Later Wednesday, Louise Dullea Turner spotted Winstead at a McDonald's in Dumfries.

“And something struck me that maybe it was the same man, I can’t even say why I knew that,” Turner said.

She followed him into the McDonald's and took a picture of him. Turner then posted that picture to Facebook.

“My friend pulled the picture up and I called the detective and said this is where he is send someone to get him now,” Reba Winstead said.

Reba said her husband is getting the treatment he needs and hopes his story will change minds about mental health.

“And the more open we are about people needing help, when they need help, the better everyone is going to be because you won’t have people who are falling through the cracks and struggling to the point where they’re breaking,” she said.

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