Missing Dog Found Trapped Under Home for Days

Firefighters found the dog wedged beneath the home

What to Know

  • A dog was found trapped under home for two days
  • Firefighters rescued the dog after hearing a noise beneath the house
  • The dog was dehydrated and slightly bruised, but was returned to his family

It took two days and a fair amount of digging, but firefighters were able to save a dog who had been trapped without food or water under a home in Great Falls.

Banx, a 60-pound pointer, went missing last week. Thursday, his family called rescuers, saying they thought they could hear him under the deck.

As the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department searched for the dog, they found no evidence that he was under the deck. But firefighters continued to search, according to a fire department press release.

Then, the homeowner and one of the firefighters heard a small whine coming from beneath the house. Firefighters dug deeper, and felt Banx's tail and foot buried in gravel.

Firefighters brought Banx food and water as they removed him from the gravel and dirt. He emerged dehydrated and bruised slightly.

Loudoun County Animal Control evaluated Banx and returned him to his happy family.

Firefighters guessed that the dog went after a small animal under the deck and wedged himself underneath the home. Trying to escape, he managed to dig himself deeper.

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