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If you drive from the suburbs of D.C. and down through Northern Virginia, you’d hardly see any signs of the financial crisis that swept through the country. From the upscale neighborhoods of Fairfax and Arlington to the sprawling estates of Clifton, Northern Virginia has some of the wealthiest communities in the country. And while there are still many within those communities who are struggling, you could never tell from a glance. 
There is one place, however, that stands out among the upper class communities: Triangle. Over the last several years, Triangle, Virginia has become a virtual ghost town. Boarded up businesses and foreclosed homes fill the landscape of an area that was once a thriving part of Northern Virginia. 
Just off the freeway in a dilapidated home lives a single mother named Mary and her son, Elias. Mary had to give up working to care for Elias who suffers from Spina Bifida. Requiring 24 hour care, Elias is confined to a wheel chair and unable to speak. That leaves his mother responsible for literally every single daily activity, from giving him showers to brushing his teeth. Because of her inability to work, Mary could not afford the much needed repairs for her home. The list of repairs was a long one: a new roof, HVAC system and--the most daunting of them all--repairs to the foundation. She had reached out to many different organizations for help but the scope and size of the job was always more than they could handle. 
One Saturday morning, Mary had a rare opportunity to relax and watch TV. She caught an episode of Michael & Son's Helping Hands on NBC4 and decided to send a letter requesting assistance. “When I saw Helping Hands, I was amazed by the things Michael & Son was doing in the community” said Mary. “I just had this feeling that this was the answer” continued Mary. She was right, just days after her letter was sent the repairs on her home were underway. With the help of other local businesses, the family received all the repairs to their home at no cost. 
You can see the whole story this Saturday at 10 a.m. on NBC4. If you or someone you know is currently facing a hardship and is unable to afford home repairs, please contact the Michael & Son Cares Team. Michael & Son Services established their "Cares" charitable campaign in 2010 to provide essential home services to local families in need.  To date, the program has assisted over 20 families in the area.  They are also proud sponsors and supporters of Dreams for Kids, Saltwater Soldiers and Susan G. Komen. 
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