Metrobus Temporarily Cancels 20 Trips in Northern Virginia

It may affect your morning commute

Metro said early Tuesday morning that more than 20 Metrobus trips were cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday due to "an equipment shortage."

Some riders' morning commutes may be affected by the temporary cuts, which affect bus trips from as early as 5:45 a.m. and as late as 10 a.m.

All of the dozen affected routes are in, to or from Northern Virginia.

The cancellations come almost two weeks after the transit agency temporarily pulled 164 buses from service due to two incidents in which engines cut off at low speeds. Metro deployed 80 reserve buses to make up for the loss, but the shortage continues to be an ongoing problem.

"We are running 98% of all scheduled trips," Metro Chief Communications Officer Dan Stessel said in part. "The Bus Operations Control Center had some additional information this morning about individual trips that would be missed and generated some more-specific-than-usual customer alerts, but there is no was no significant impact to operations."

Here are the trips that Metrobus will not operate again until Friday morning, according to the @MetrobusInfo Twitter account:

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