Metrobus Riders Getting Far Fewer Credits for Rush Hour Delays

Metro is handing out tens of thousands of rush hour "credits" to Metrorail customers who are delayed, but far fewer credits are going to bus riders. 

News4 has learned that while over 26,000 credits have been given to rail riders since the Rush Hour Promise program started at the end of January, only 50 credits have been given to bus riders. 

That means rail riders have received tens of thousands of dollars back for their delayed trips, while bus riders have received less than $150. 

The main issue has to do with the system of credits for bus riders. Those riders have to take an extra step and fill out a form if they believe their rush hour trip was delayed by more than 15 minutes.

Rail riders get an automatic credit put on their SmarTrip account, because Metro's internal system can see when riders "tapped in" and "tapped out" of stations. 

"The fact that rail is automated makes a big difference," says Metro Chief Spokesman Dan Stessel. "Unfortunately, (there’s) no way to automate the process for bus because riders do not "tap out" at end of trip." 

Twenty-five requests for refunds for bus riders have been denied. Metro says that’s because in many cases the reason for the delay was beyond Metro's control. 


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"We are unable to issue credits for traffic or weather-related delays, which are the leading causes of bus delays," Stessel said. 

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