Metrobus Driver Throws Passenger Off Bus

Metro officials say incident is under review

Metro is looking for the person who captured a video of a Metrobus driver apparently throwing a passenger to the ground.

The video was posted over the holiday weekend, though it's unclear when or where it actually happened.

In the video, you can hear the driver telling a man to get off the bus. He seems to be telling him that he wants to go to the next stop.

After he refuses to exit the bus, the driver gets physical and pulls the passenger's hands off a pole. He then picks him up and actually throws him off the bus and to the ground.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel called the driver's actions "completely inappropriate." He said the correct protocol to deal with an unruly passenger would be to call Metro Transit Police.

Stessel said Metro has reached out to the blogger of the site where the video was posted, but that person did not know who actually uploaded it. They're hoping once they locate whoever shot the video, they can get more information to help identify the driver.

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