Metro Fires Technicians Who Left Escalator Hatch Open, Injuring Rider

A 52-year-old woman was walking in the Pentagon Metro station early in the morning last week when she fell through an opening at the top of an escalator. She injured her knee and her face and spent two days in the hospital.

Technicians working on the escalator the night before left the hatch open and didn’t barricade it off, Metro said.

"It really should be kept closed," said Dave Kubicek, Metro's deputy general manager.

Since it was late at night, the technicians were working without supervision, Kubicek said. It's a policy that may need to be revisited, he added.

"We're looking for consistency on everything that we're trying to do, instead of one group doing it one way, one group doing it another way," he said.

Metro said it fired two of the escalator technicians involved in the incident the day after it took place.

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