Metro Signage to Confuse Tourists Even More

And you thought the confusion level couldn't get any higher inside Metro stations.

Imagine waiting in line at a station kiosk behind any one of the plethora of tourists who are descending on our fair region, and once they figure out which rail line they want and what button to push to start the process, they then see this:

"Starting August 3, customers purchasing a paper farecard must add 25 cents to the fares shown on the chart below. The fares shown are one-way fares when using a SmarTrip Card."

The wheels of efficiency (or whatever was left of them) come crashing to a halt.

While tourists' heads start spinning and puffs of smoke rise from their ears, you just missed your train to Nats Park to see Stephen Strasburg's first pitch.

And for those customers who are mathematically challenged, fuhgettaboutit.

The signs are being placed on fare vendors and station kiosks, starting today. They're supposed to inform riders about the differences in fares between those who use paper cards and those who use a SmarTrip card.

But we can see the signs causing a whole lot more confusion than there already is at the height of tourist season.

The signs now join the stickers that have been placed on the signs discussing the peak-of-the-peak fares, which will not be charged in the morning. Luckily, the signs are only temporary. Metro said new permanent signs will be installed in the next few weeks.

But until then, you may see a lot more puzzled faces on escaleftors throughout the Metro system. 

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