Metro Riders: Red Line Door Opened in Tunnel

Metro says they don't think door actually opened

The door on a Red Line Metro train opened while the train was in a tunnel Tuesday morning, according to at least one Metro rider -- leading to delays outside of Medical Center.

"We did get a report that there was a door problem on the Red Line," said Metro spokesperson Caroline Lukas, but said Metro didn't think the door had actually opened.

The train lost its "all doors closed" indication as it was leaving Medical Center, which could be caused by a number of things, Lukas said. "If someone was leaning on a door, it could open a fraction of an inch," she said.

Twitter user Eric Olson had tweeted, "Red line delays at Medical Center. Door opened in the tunnel."

Lukas disputed that, saying the train operator walked through all cars but didn't see anything. When asked if the door could have been opened briefly, she said no riders spoke up to say that was the case.

The train offloaded at the Bethesda station.

Earlier this year, a rider took a photo of a door that opened while a Red Line train was moving. Metro isolated the mechanical problem that caused it.

A July door opening on the Green line was identified as an operator error and that operator was placed on leave.

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