Metro Reassures Riders: Would Stay Open During Shutdown

Metro took steps today to reassure riders that the system would be open and on a regular schedule during a government shudown -- at least for the first several days.

If a shutdown is prolonged, and ridership is low, the system said it might "make adjustments to right-size capacity" -- possibly operating shorter trains.

Here is the Metro statement:

Metro is not a federal entity and would remain open during any government shutdown. Trains and buses will operate on regular schedules, and the system will open and close at regular times. 

In the event of a shutdown lasting several days that results in significantly lower ridership, we may eventually make adjustments to "right size" capacity if necessary. For example, we may operate more 6-car trains and fewer 8-car trains, because 8-car trains might not be necessary. We will communicate these changes publicly if any such decision is made. 


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