Metro Opens Doors … For Robbers

Police see increase in "grab-and-go" robberies

Location, location, location. Great in real estate, but apparently not so good if you’re taking the Metro. 

Police said they’ve seen an increase in what are being called “grab-and-go” robberies.  And where you are on the train could make you more of a target.

“Sometimes criminals are sizing them up,” said Metro Transit Deputy Police Chief David Webb, “especially if they’re sitting near the train doors.”
What’s it mean? Probably that if you’re going to wear iPod earbuds and stand by the door, you might as well paint a bull's-eye on your shirt with a sign that says rob me.
Police have increased patrols, but there are steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.
“Sitting in the center of the car, being around people, sometimes those are things that make a criminal feel uncomfortable,” said Deputy Chief Webb.
Safety experts also advise keeping portable electronics and phones out of sight, choosing darker earbuds, and tucking away the cord. 
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