Metro Opens Doors… Eventually

More Red Line delays through Thursday

Red Line riders should get used to the platform lean. You know the one, where you lean forward to check the track to see if a train is coming, and then you fall back in the endless line of people leaning and waiting.

Commuters should expect to add in additional 30 minutes of travel time or more for their trips, according to Metro officials. So, what's the hold up? Well, the National Transportation Safety Board still can't determine the root cause of the deadly June 22 train collision .

That means trains must continue to move one at a time at a reduced speed between the Takoma and Fort Totten Metrorail stations. If trains get backed up, it is possible that some trains may force riders to get off to turn around. This will allow Metro to get some trains to Glenmont.

How long could this possible go on? Do you want the real answer, or the one Metro's offering up? Apparently, at least through Thursday morning's rush hour.  But we're in it for the long haul, so "Red Liners" should be fully prepared to get their lean on!

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