Metro Meets With Montgomery County About Silver Spring Transit Center

County spokesperson: Metro agreed to weekly meetings

Silver Spring Paul Sarbanes Transit Center

Montgomery County leaders said they met with Metro Monday to talk about fixing the transit center in downtown Silver Spring.

A county spokesperson told News4 Metro agreed to meet weekly to help come up with a fix for the structure.

The project -- already years behind schedule and millions over budget -- also has major design and construction flaws.

In a recent letter to the county, Metro said it wanted to walk away from the project completely. In the letter, Metro Deputy General Manager Rob Troup said the deficiencies in the building "are of the magnitude and severity, that even if repaired would unnecessarily place an inordinate maintenance burden onto WMATA should the facility be accepted."

A county spokesperson told News4 that Metro's statement was more of an opening point of discussion, but Metro said Friday that it's standing firm.

The transit center started at about $30 million and is now coming in at about $120 million. It was supposed to open in 2009 as a hub for Metro, MARC trains and buses.

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