Lost-and-Found Overflows With Inauguration Spoils

Items expected and otherwise fill Metro lost-and-found

The Metro system was worked harder than ever on Inauguration Day last week (as well as the Sunday and Monday before), but it's the lost-and-found that's busy this week.

The throngs of thousands who braved the crowds and cold lost a lot of stuff last week. Some of the items are your usual suspects: bags, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, wallets, cell phones, etc.

"We've had about 200 cell phones since last week up to yesterday," said Metro customer service representative Lendy Castillo.

But some of the lost toys are head-scratchers. Wallets are frequently found on floors or wedged between a wall and a seat, but what parent leaves behind a stroller?

Some history-watchers probably had a really tough time making their way through the sea of people last week because they didn't have their canes.

Metro's even hanging on to a cadet's uniform and a proposed geothermal conversion chart from Ball State University.

It's too soon to say exactly how many things were lost by the record-breaking crowds, but workers have been sorting through boxes since late last week, trying to reunite the lost with the lucky.

Metro holds on to lost items for 30 days. If you're missing something, check out Metro's website.

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