Metro ‘Grace Period’ Allows Riders to Enter, Exit Stations for Free

Ever been stuck between betting on the Metro arriving quickly or playing it safe and taking an Uber?

Starting Friday, Metro riders may encounter this dilemma less often. Metro is implementing a new policy which grants customers a 15-minute “grace period” to exit at the same station they entered -- without a fee.

If a rider decides ten minutes in that the wait just isn’t worth it, they may now exit and receive a credit matching what they paid to enter -- a base fare of either $2.15 during peak hours and $1.75 in the off-peak.

Metro approved this change on March 24, in reaction to customers requesting an option to leave without paying after extended delays.

"This is all about refocusing on our customers," said GM/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld in a press release, "If I'm in line at the coffee shop and I decide I want to leave, I don't expect to be charged."

You can learn more about this change on Metro’s website.

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