Metro Fare Evasion Charges Dropped Against College Student

The student was arrested by Metro Transit Police on June 10 for allegedly not paying his Metro fare

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NBC Washington

A Metro fare evasion charge has been dropped against a Howard University student.

The student, 21-year-old DeSean Smith, was arrested by Metro Transit Police for allegedly not paying his Metro fare at the Silver Spring station on June 10. His fare was less than $5, NBC4 reported in June.

Kevin Smith, DeSean’s father, said his son had never been in trouble before the arrest.

Some people who saw the incident take place at the Silver Spring Metro say Transit Police used excessive force. Darcy Spencer reports.

“They accosted him, slammed him to the ground, knee in the back,” Kevin Smith said.

His son's arrest and criminal charges led to a protest outside the Silver Spring Metro station later in June.     

At the protest, Smith, his father and local activists claimed Metro Transit officers overreacted when he was accused of not paying to ride. The protesters said they believed fare evasion should be a civil matter.

Police said that during the incident, Smith refused to comply with officers and the situation escalated.

During the arrest, Smith yelled out his father's phone number and a bystander, Mary Glenshaw, called the phone number. Glenshaw later joined the protest, NBC4 reported.

"Next thing I knew, he was on the ground," Glenshaw said.

Smith is still charged with resisting arrest and disobeying police orders.

His trial was set to happen Monday, but Smith’s attorney says prosecutors were granted a delay. He will go on trial for the criminal charges in September.

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